Course Summary

If you want to learn French but would like to avoid the hassle of heavy books filled with grammar and written exercises, then this Express French Course is exactly that. It is an entertaining and minimalistic approach to learning the language of love, based on the spoken form.

This course contains 40+ videos with supporting documents, recaps and exercises, letter writing, dialogues, comprehension, French knowledge base etc…

The Express French Course is designed exclusively for school/college students, beginners, housewives, corporate employees. It gives a clear understanding of basic French grammar and takes you through various important aspects of the French language. All the grammar concepts are introduced in a structured way so that the learners can follow the course with ease.

In this course, you will learn basic vocabulary, grammar concepts, tenses, how to form a sentence, dialogues, letter writing, how to form questions out of key words, comprehension and much more… plus a ready reckoner French knowledge base of 15+ supporting documents that will give you a basic understanding of French culture, facts about France, tongue twisters, 1000 words PDF etc.

At the end of this Express Course, you will be able to pronounce the words correctly, write small sentences, introduce yourself and initiate small conversations.

French is not a nightmare anymore!

Learn French and join the French language revolution!